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Real Estate Investing EMPIRE ACCELERATOR

If you're overwhelmed thinking of getting started investing in Real Estate, you're not alone. Lots of physicians put off getting buying their first, simply because it's one.extra.thing. to learn... they're busy, and they don't want to answer broken toilet calls at 2 am.

Those who venture onto forums suddenly realize all the options out there... the terms... CAP rate.. DSCR.. NOI... fixed versus variable rates... with commenters swearing by one method versus the other.

But what if I told you that you were MISSING out, on possible infinite returns simply because you did not get started!

If you attended the webinar, I showed you how this was possible.

If you missed it, it's simple. When you learn to do the BRRR strategy, it is possible

As simple as it sounds, investing in Real Estate is riddled with pitfalls.
Sometimes, simple walking alongside someone that's gone down a path can help mitigate (not eliminate!) your risk.

Starting in January, for 12 weeks, I'd be working with a handful of physicians.
I'm taking them by the hand to show them :
what they need to know to get that get started with the First Deal. tools and tricks used by savvy investors to scoop up the best deals, save money upfront, and Cash flow from day 1.
Since Real Estate investing is both a short and long term game,
I will then help them draft the blueprint for their empires!
But people are different!
...and so are their needs:
We'll assess each member's goals and needs, we will come up with unique strategies...
and throughout the program highlight key concepts pertaining to needs highlighted...

Picture this:
What if Five years from now, you are able to cut back from working full time because your rental properties are providing enough income to cover your living expenses?

Now picture this:
What if you never start?

Here's what some students said...

Dr. Ricky Feltman said,

"Chia helped me and my wife avoid two very bad deals last year. I almost gave up on real estate investing, and nearly a year later, I'm closing on my first investment property..."

Oluseyi Olugbenle said

We are the type of couple who watched HGTV all the time and fell in love with home renovations and flipping. We thought we knew a lot before but after taking Dr. Chiagozie’s course we realized how much we simply just didn’t know. Real estate content is quite complex, but Dr. Chiagozie knew how to break each concept into manageable pieces. What made this course stand out from others were the practical examples she provided from all of her real-life experiences. Her transparency throughout and structure of the course was super helpful! She included question and answer periods throughout the course and sessions were recorded if I ever missed a class. In addition to answering all of our questions, Dr. Chiagozie provided useful resources, contacts, and videos as additional guidance. I would recommend this course to anyone joining the real estate business or even anyone who’s trying to figure out how to grow their real estate business. We learned out to deal with developers, real estate agents, building managers, tenants, the acquisition and construction process, and so much more! We are now doing our first major renovation and we’re so glad we took this class beforehand.


I caught the Real Estate bug during my CA-3 (PGY-4) year. In the past three years we've grown our portfolio.

I love what I do, and more importantly, I love to see my students' deals Cash flow!

Join Us!

You'll get:
A 1-on-1 session to draw your unique goals and needs (Retail $250)

Eight "to the point" modules to sure up your Real Estate Investing foundation ($2000 value):
These will help you:
Identify your target location Choose a business model that works for YOU: learn the options and pitfalls of the various optionsBuild your Funding toolkit for your deals, using creative and traditional strategiesManage like a Boss (no one wants a second job!)
Weekly Q&A sessions with access to the replay, to provide you with feedback on your finds ($2750 value)

My Deal Analyzer worksheet ($197 Value)

My Resource list: books and websites I've found useful over the years. ($47 value)

Business toolkit: Sample contracts and Scripts, Apps and tools I'm using today ($ 753 value)

You pay only $1497
Three payments of $549

Awesome! and WELCOME

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